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National Fisheries Association of Ghana (NAFAG) was established in 1971 as the apex body of the five major fishing associations in Ghana.

  • Ghana Tuna Association (GTA)
  • Ghana Industrial Trawlers Association (GITA)
  • Ghana National Inshore Fisheries Association  (GIFA)
  • Ghana Canoe Fishermen Council (GNCFC)
  • National Inland Canoe Fishermen Council (NICFC)

NAFAG is managed by a twelve member executive committee comprising representatives of the above listed sector associations. 


The objectives of the Association include;

  • Protect the Interest of Members of the association in the industry both locally and internationally
  • Carry out advocacy work in all matters connected with the fishing industry in Ghana and in the fishing environment (i.e. Sea, rivers, lakes)
  • Develop, Maintain and manage a fisheries information system for the benefit of its members in the industry
  • Undertake the settlement of arbitration of all trade disputes
  • In collaboration with local regulators and managers as well as other competent Authorities; Develop and administer product standards, quality codes and procedures and practice regimes in the fishing industry.
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders in the industry to promote sustainable and responsible fishing activities that will preserve the fisheries resource and be environmentally friendly.
  • Undertake and support skills development and knowledge building in the fisheries sector and establish relationship with local and international bodies and organizations to the fishing industry.



We are expanding fast as an organisation and we continue to explore more opportunities for growth of our members, we have developed a commercial arm, NAFAG LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED that has been registered to undertake commercial activities on behalf of NAFAG

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