As a registered association with obvious limitations to operate commercially, a separate commercial company named NAFAG LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED has been registered to undertake commercial activities on behalf of NAFAG.

The company is seeking support and partnership to develop programs that would enhance the production base of local fish products in the form of supply of appropriate and affordable fishing gear, other fish inputs etc. that would enhance the production base of local fish products.

Another area in this direction is the importation of safe and affordable fish, not only to bridge the gap between local production and consumption, but also provide alternative livelihood for operators during close seasons for the industrial trawlers and lean seasons for all sectors.

Investors are also welcome in the area of infrastructure for the handling of locally produced fish as well as research/consultancy support into new technologies that would move the local fishing industry forward and make it competitive on the global market.


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Location: Tema Fishing Harbour Area, Adjacent AFKO Fisheries.

Tel: +(233) 303 210806

Cell: +(233) 0241558797, 0244986791

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